When I moved to Hattiesburg from California (via Ohio) 10 years ago, I was lonely and disoriented to be living in a new place where I knew almost no-one. I am so grateful for the kindness, inspiration, and sense of community that I found at the Yoga Room. Tammy is masterful at welcoming people and creating a sense of purpose and gratitude as we join in the common goal of nourishing our bodies, minds, and spirits. She is well connected in the wider yoga community, bringing wonderful guest teachers to town and organizing special events (solstice practices, kirtan workshops) that broaden our horizons and give us a chance to get to know one another better. Her teaching style is upbeat yet casual, full of honesty, humor and grace as she pushes us to our limits. Her integration of readings and conversations about our goals, experiences, and ideas makes going to class more than merely physical exercise. I have learned so much about practicing vigor, relaxation, kindness, and gratitude by being part of the Yoga Room community. Thank you, Tammy, for creating a unique and treasured space in a place I now call home.

Nicolle Jordan     January 2016


“Thank you for your Exquisite Presence and I wish you So Much Joy in
Blooming where you are Planted.”    –

With Great Love, Sianna Sherman
Level 2 Teacher Training San Francisco 2009

Sharing your light, love, and wisdom is a true blessing for me and
the yoga community. You are changing lives!   –


Namaste! Hello Tammy –
You are a beautiful radiant light for your community. What awesome students you have, and they reflect the excellence of your teaching. May you be blessed with Inspiration & Joy as you traverse your Yogic Journey.
Abundant, Abundant Blessings –

Jordan Kirk

Many thanks for your gifts you freely give to us each practice.  I am awestruck at the opportunities for growth in so many areas of life that the practice of yoga gives to me. Thank you for your genuine, gentle teachable moments.
– Charlotte Rahaim, clinical therapist


For over 12 years I have faithfully taken Tammy’s class every Wed. and Fri. morning because, more than anything else, I have found it not only prepares my body for the  demands made on it by teaching, running, and dancing, but it also helps to heal and restore injuries that I have accumulated along the way. I have taken other yoga classes, but have not found them to be as good as Tammy’s class. From a ballet teacher’s viewpoint, I love how detailed she is with her instructions requiring students to use exact muscles for exact purposes. I also appreciate her understanding of the demands of ballet on the body and how yoga poses can best be used to enhance and improve the physical aspect of ballet performance.” –

Jill Pelhan Day, owner/director Laurel Ballet Academy, Laurel, Mississippi


When I began practicing yoga at The Yoga Room, I felt inspired from the beginning, but I had no idea how transfomational yoga would be for me. Tammy’s enthusiasm and excellent instruction motivated me to practice regularly, and I began to see great improvements in my quality of life. I had problems with tight muscles in my neck and shoulders, which limited my range of motion, and this was relieved within about one month. I was pleasantly surprised at the improvement in my physical body, but the more profound results that I experienced were spiritual growth and deeper emotional healing. I soon realized that I also wanted to share this amazing practice with others, and I am very grateful that Tammy encouraged me to begin teaching and helped me to have confidence in myself. Tammy is a remarkable teacher who is able to sincerely connect with her students.



Practicing yoga with Tammy has been an incredible experience that has had a very positive impact on my life!  I’ll admit it, I was initially skeptical and thought yoga might not provide a challenge, and that I would think it was silly or feel silly.  That could not have been farther from the truth!  In fact, I am always impressed not only by Tammy’s vast knowledge of the body, but also her ability to modify each pose to the abilities of everyone in the room to make sure that each person is getting the most out of each movement.  Additionally, she knows exactly how to adjust each pose if something hurts or does not feel right, and is more than willing to recommend additional poses and/or stretches you can do to work through injuries or strengthen a particular muscle group.  As a dancer, I have noticed an increased body awareness, flexibility, and strength since I started practicing with Tammy.  As a graduate student, who is not from Hattiesburg, The Yoga Room has presented me with a warm and positive environment to make new friends!  Everyone, especially Tammy, is always so warm and welcoming, and really goes out of his or her way to make you feel like you belong and get to know you, in a completely non-judgmental environment.  And for that I am so grateful!  In addition, after a long day of classes or a stressful week of finals, yoga class provides the perfect setting to improve my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  In fact, I find there is a noticeable positive difference in my mind, body, and spirit when I get to practice.  I could not be more thankful to Tammy and The Yoga Room for welcoming me into their yogi family and providing the best yoga classes I have ever taken!!

– B. Brown


THANK you for being such an incredible yoga instructor. You truly ignited my love for yoga, and helped me improve my strength, endurance, and confidence! I am thankful for my short time as your student, because I have learned things I will never forget in my practice! You are incredible, and THANK YOU for doing what you do.

– Rose


Dear Tammy,

I would like to share my reality with you. Are you open? I hope so. When I saw you teach yoga, I noticed your great concern for all of us. I appreciated your focus on spiritual principles, on breathwork, on intentions, and of course, on the poses. About all that I feel joy. I was so happy to be able to find a yoga class in treatment. In the  future, I prefer you keep doing what you do so well.

– patient in recovery


I have always been very physically fit until about the last 7 yrs when I have pretty much let myself go. In July 2005, I found Tammy through one of the local spas and gave her a call. I took some private lessons until I felt comfortable to go to a class. The benefits have been nothing less than astounding for me.

I have had flat feet my entire life, and they have gotten worse over the years. I was a dancer for most of my teenage years and all the way into my 30s. So dancing on toe all those years was very bad for my feet; in fact, I broke both of them and had to have surgery. I taught 16 aerobic classes a week for 12 yrs, and all that jumping didn’t help. About 5 or 6 yrs ago, my feet had gotten so bad and so painful that it was getting difficult to walk, and my feet always felt like blocks of wood, inflexible, stiff, sore, achey. And, they grew from size 8 to a 10 in a short period of time! A physician told me that there may come a time when I wouldn’t be able to walk at all, as my feet would continue to deteriorate.
That doctor is sooooo wrong! I am getting arches! They are little arches but they are definately arches, and they are getting bigger all the time! It hasn’t been easy, and it can be frustrating because everything in my legs and back is having to realign. Being flat footed all those years made me crooked, and my balance is pathetic since I was actually out of balance in order to balance. (Does that make sense to anyone besides me?) The fact is that I have arches and am getting into alignment which will be very important as the years go by. I am forever grateful to Tammy for her help, guidance and encouragement. And a big thank you to everyone in my class who listens to me groan and cheer me on anyway. –

Thank you, Tammy!
Not just thank you, but
A Big, Fat Thank You!!

Yoga provides an opportunity for me to be with myself without any distractions. Each time I practice yoga at Tammy’s, I learn something new about myself. In turn, what I learn from my practice (breath, strength, focus, concentration, surrender ) I am able to utilize in my daily living with others. The space that Tammy has created at The Yoga Room is warm, inviting and uplifting. Tammy’s gentle style, knowledge and willingness to share is truly a special gift. –

Susan Bone

I started taking yoga 6 months ago, and I really love it. I am a sometimes stressed business owner. The classes have helped me to be calmer during stressful situations such as traffic jams, grocery lines, stressful work situations, etc. the greatest improvement has been with my balance. I have always been unsteady. Yoga has helped me to be stronger, better balanced, and has improved my posture. I have seen great improvements, and I am only able to attend one time per week! If my schedule allowed 2 – 3 classes per week, the improvements would be even more dramatic. Finally, it must be said that Tammy’s teaching is awesome. Immediately, you realize that your in a peaceful, noncompetitive atmosphere. She gently directs you to better movements and poses. Try a class, you will love it!! –

Hattiesburg Business Owner

I came to my first Yoga class a skeptic and after almost one year of practice I’m hooked! Why? I’m stronger, no more nagging back pain from that bulging disk. I’m lighter, I’ve lost 25 pounds, going from a size 14 to a 10. I’m healthier, along with the weight loss, I’ve gone from borderline high blood pressure back down to within normal range. Most important of all, I’m happier! Yoga class is my time – no phones, no pages, no intrusions. The time I spend practicing Yoga provides a moment of calm in that fast paced world we all live in. I am a better person for having made the practice of Yoga a part of my life – thank you Tammy – Peace, Namaste. –


My name is Sarah Palmer.  I’m 24 years old and have been taking yoga with Tammy since November, 2002.  When I started, I only knew a few things based on tapes or D.V.D.’s that I dabbled with, and, of course, made me the expert!  I was also under the false pretense that yoga was mostly about meditation, so naturally I was blown away when the beginner class was actually challenging!  I went to work the very next day and felt like a brand new person.  One of my co-workers noticed the glow about me instantaneously and further sparked my interest in continuing.  At that time I had been practicing massage therapy for 6 months in which I was overworked and underpaid.  My shoulders were starting to tighten and my spirit was driven only by my loyal clientele and, of course, money.  However, after continuing yoga for only a month (two times a week) I noticed that my shoulders returned to the original state, and I no longer felt inclined to overwork myself.  Emotionally I was relieved.  I marked myself off the book no matter what every Monday and Thursday.  Sometimes I was extremely tired when getting to class, but I reminded myself of how wonderful I would feel afterwards and before I knew it, I was doing things with my body that I never knew was possible.  I actually have arm strength!  The physical changes that occurred fueled my practice initially, however, having recently opened my own business, I use yoga as the one thing that keeps me grounded and sane!  I leave copies of Tammy’s schedule on my counter for anyone interested in trying just one class.  Unless you attend one session, there really are no words to describe the true fulfillment that you will feel in your body as well as your soul.  I thank Tammy for bringing this to Hattiesburg and being so knowledgeable about the different types of yoga as she never does a “routine class”.  She truly works with everyone individually so that we all seem to grow together!   Namaste’.

When I contacted Tammy about a class, I had been through a traumatic time in my life which included a very extended illness. I was determined to get past the feeling of being inactive and sedentary, plus looking and feeling my age (or older!). I was uncomfortable with being in a group because I thought I could not keep up with the others so asked for private sessions, knowing Tammy would go at my pace.

From the very first lesson, I knew I had made the right decision to begin yoga. I was completely relaxed during the session and was happy with the way my body responded to Tammy’s instructions. I left with a feeling of satisfaction that I was finally doing something to make myself feel better. It has only gotten better in the 18 months I have been her student.

Tammy, thank you for for your very enlightening instructions during our classes – it is easy to visualize just what my body should be doing as you describe each movement and pose and how it should be executed. It makes me understand what is happening, not just going through the motions. This entire process is very important to me in getting the most out of my yoga practice.

Thanks again – you have become a real friend and an inspiration……….Gerry Waites

I have only been doing yoga for about 10 months but have seen enormous benefits.  I have two herniated disks in my lower back and experienced frequent lower back pain.  This was the main reason I decided to try yoga.  Within the first month my pain had lessened and I felt generally more healthy.  Another benefit for me has been the stretching exercises which have increased my flexibility.  Aside from the physical aspects, practicing yoga has had a beneficial effect  on my ability to focus and concentrate.  In addition to these benefits has been the chance to get to know a fun group of people who I look forward to seeing two mornings a week.  I have gone from someone who hated exercise to someone who looks forward to my bi-weekly yoga classes and have even started to go to extra workshops when possible.  Yoga has definitely had a positive impact on my life!!! –

Ellen McKenzie

“For over a decade now, The Yoga Room has represented healing, challenge, grace and growth in my life. When I moved to Hattiesburg in 2006, I had been a student of Iyengar yoga for some years. Though I was not complete beginner, Tammy’s gifted and experienced teaching led my heart and body toward greater freedom, joy, and dedication in the practice of yoga. Her classes (and friendship) provided me with resilience and renewed energy through many transitions—recovery from physical injury, personal tragedy, and the ups and downs of a demanding professional life. Even though I have now moved away, the Yoga Room remains a beacon of light and inspiration for me. As a result of Tammy’s ever-expanding mission to her community, I recently completed a life-changing 200-hour teacher training there and will return for Yoga Therapeutics training in January 2017. I give thanks for how Tammy and The Yoga Room continue to reveal the way of grace in the world!”

-Love you, Vicki

I’ve been able to travel around the world the last decade and I always try to find a good spot to drop into a yoga class or find a gym. The Yoga Room is one of the best places I have found and the guidance that Tammy gives throughout the classes is world class! My body has felt a ton better just after a few classes. Whether someone is a beginner, higher level, or someone that continues to hear how great yoga is, this is the place to practice and learn!

-Matt Fast, PGA Tour