Ayurvedic Workshop Saturday June 1st 1:00 PM-3:00 PM with Dr. Reshma Sinu (Ayurvedic Doctor)

Ayurvedic  seasonal guide for summer with Dr. Reshma Sinu ( Ayurvedic Doctor)
Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine for well-being, which has been practiced in India more than 5000 years. The meaning of the word Ayurveda is science or wisdom of life. Great emphasis is placed on prevention, maintaining health through balance of diet, lifestyle, and use of herbs. Ayurveda says that like increases like, therefore we treat with opposites. For example, if it is hot outside, we eat cooling foods…if we feel dry, we eat moist, oily foods etc.
Ayurveda considers a season routine an important cornerstone of health,year around.Balancing the nature of your local climate or weather life style choices that offset the potential for seasonally, induced imbalances is one of the simplest ways that can protect your well-being.
Key points of workshop include:
1) Introduction and history of Ayurveda.
2) Best fruits and salads for summer.
3) Ayurvedic Indian juice making demonstration.
4) Best Face pack for summer,  demonstration  and sample will be provided for participants.
5) Introduction of cooling pranayama and mantra ( vedic chant) for summer.
6) Ayurvedic Home remedies for different health and beauty problems during summer.
Wrap the session with sharing Mythological regimens during summer in India.
Duration – 2 hour.
Date – June first Saturday .
Time – 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm.
Fee – $ 30 per person.
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New Weekly Beginner Yoga Class starts Monday June 3rd

Beginner Yoga: Ensuring Your Success

Can I do Yoga? Yes you can. Yoga is for anyone that wants quality in their life. We believe at the Yoga Room that the only requirement is that you can breathe. So if you’re reading this you can do Yoga. This class is designed to give anyone the basics for meditation, breath control and an asana (posture) practice. Improve not only your physical strength, balance and flexibility but also your mental and spiritual well being. Our goal is to provide each student with a solid foundation that will help support a consistent yoga practice and confidence to attend any Yoga class.

Come have a little fun…yoga style! Join Serina on Monday nights at 5:45 PM starting June 3rd. Sign up for class HERE!

May Power Yoga Challenge begins Monday May 6th

May Power Yoga Challenge with Mary Ryan!

Commit to 4, 6, or 8 power yoga classes during the month of May, and watch your body, mind, and spirit transform just in time for summer! Join me and a group of like-minded yogis for a series of challenging power yoga classes that are sure to supplement even the most seasoned athlete’s workout routine. Whether you are new to yoga and fitness, only practice yoga, or you are training for a triathlon, the power yoga challenge is the push you need to start this season right.
How does it work?
1. Set a goal! Decide how many classes you will attend in the month of May, then let The Yoga Room know what you’ve decided. We’ll keep track of your attendance.
2. Come to class! Make your practice a priority.
3. Change your life! How we are on the mat translates to our ‘real’ lives at work, home, and school. It’s so much more than stretching.
Those who meet their goals will receive:
a Yoga Room t-shirt or tank
a complimentary 1-class pass which you can use to further your practice after the challenge ends
So…who’s in? It’s not easy. But it’s worth it. Let’s do tough stuff together. Power Yoga classes will meet Mondays and Thursdays from 5:45-7:15. The challenge begins May 6 and ends May 30!

Sign up for class HERE!


Greetings Hattiesburg Yoga Community!
     I am pleased to officially announce my certification with The International Association of Yoga Therapists. Since 2005, I have been offering group and private sessions for a variety of ailments and conditions as an alternative healing method, meant to complement conventional western medicine. Yoga Therapy is now, in 2017, considered a current and evolving field of health care.

Tammy Kolbo BSN, E-RYT 500, YACEP, C-IAYT


Private Yoga Therapy sessions with me are available by appointment. Recommended for individuals with challenges in mobility, strength or motor control, habitual movement patterns that cause pain, or experienced students who seek to refine their practice. Recommended for athletes who, from muscular imbalance, structural misalignment or overuse, have injuries or limitations. Private yoga therapy sessions are also available to anyone suffering from various symptoms of inflammatory disease, chemotherapy side effects, PTSD, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or are in recovery from addiction.

A private session includes an initial assessment, detailed instruction and a yogic prescription by email that is intended to be used as home practice. I recommend atleast 3 sessions to establish relationship and for me to fully offer my best on how to move forward. Please note that I do not diagnose issues, but can work with a medical diagnosis. My sessions are intended to be complementary to other forms of health care.
For more information about be and my credentials or to book an appointment…please contact me through this page.


The Yoga Room now offers private sessions for individuals or groups of students who are interested in beginning a yoga practice or interested in making refinements to their current practice. Learn the basics by yourself or with a group of your friends. Michele, Missy and Kim are experienced, highly trained certified teachers with Yoga Alliance and are happy to serve by appointment. To schedule your personalized yoga class, please choose your teacher and contact her directly by email. Private sessions will be booked with the studio, as time allows, around regular weekly class times.
Michele Ferguson RYT 500      namaste2all@att.net
Missy Crenshaw RYT 200     missy.crenshaw@gmail.com
Kim Grayson RN, RYT 200     kimberlygrayson@bellsouth.net
For more information about each of our teachers…Click Here!
Pricing Options are Available Here!

Back in Balance Massage at The Yoga Room on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Charles Wilson LMT 533 of Back in Balance Massage begins his 3rd year to offer services here at The Yoga Room! He is with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Charles is a professional massage therapist, a graduate of Blue Cliff Career College in 2002. He is highly trained and practices different forms of healing arts such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Neuromuscular and Trigger Point work. Charles has also trained with Magnus Eklund in Synergetic Myofacial Therapy. He has completed levels 1, 2, and 3 and is continuing through Level 5.

Charles is very passionate about the overall wellbeing of his clients and customizes treatment to fit their needs. He focuses on structural alignment to bring the body back in balance.

To make an appointment with Charles contact him by phone 228-861-5832 or contact him by email: backinbalance533@gmail.com.  Find him on Facebook here.