Welcome to The Yoga Room. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to prepare for the class. Bring your own yoga mat, towel and water. Remove your shoes when entering the space. Come with an open heart and an open mind. Exhale and enjoy. Everything else will fall into place.

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A blend of redirection of power, accomplished through a system of graceful circular movements. It requires timing, precision, awareness, balance, and the ability to operate the body as a unit. Sign up directly with teacher Danilo Mezzadri. Contact him at danilo.mezzadri@me.com for any questions.

All levels 75 minute practice

This 75 minute class is intended to be a well rounded yoga class…incorporating mindful breathing, basic foundational postures and meditation. An emphasis will be placed on healthy alignment and refining your practice. All level students are welcome.

Beginner Yoga

Gentle and informative for first time students and anyone looking for a class to build a strong foundation and better understanding of the practice of yoga.

Candlelight Heated Flow

This class is a vinyasa-inspired practice by candlelight in a heated room. The class will end with hip openers/yin postures for deep relaxation…..a great way to melt away tension from the day!  Suitable for all levels.

Restorative Yoga

Experience deep relaxation and surrender through the use of props, deep breathing, and meditation. This practice is very helpful to those with a variety of health issues. The only potential challenge is that the postures are practiced on the floor. Staff will assist you if needed. We welcome you.

Serenity Yoga

Release stress and center awareness through gentle postures, relaxation and meditation in community.  Increase strength, flexibility, and balance. Recommended for beginners and all other levels.

Slow Flow: All Levels

Slow flow vinyasa is a very peaceful way to cultivate strength and grace at a much slower pace than other types of workouts… build your stamina, connect to the flow of something bigger than yourself alone, learn to breathe and move with less effort and more ease.

Sound & Silence

A 15 minute weekly practice of mantra and meditation. Open to anyone. Free to all.

Tai Chi Easy Too

“Meditation in motion”…weight bearing and aerobic, yet relaxing, a series of gentle movements that bring mind, body and breath together.

This class is for those who have previously taken Tai Chi Easy and would like to refine the 5-movement routine while learning new routines such as the five animal frolics and widely practiced Beijing 24-short form Tai Chi routine.

$45 fee for a 5 week session is paid directly to the teacher. Check or cash. Contact Susan if you have any questions. snordurft@bellsouth.net.


Yin Yoga

 1 Hour seated Hip Opener sequence. Yin Yoga postures are held for a long period of time to target the deep connective tissues of the body and to regulate the flow of energy in the body. It is a more meditative approach to a deep physical practice.

Zen Sitting Group

Hattiesburg Soto Zen Sitting Group is within the Deshimaru lineage. The group sits for 30 minutes at a time and practices a Zen Sutra. Donation only. Contact Mark Miller for more information at mmmgeographer@gmail.com.

Private Sessions

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions or Basic Yoga Lessons are available by appointment. Please see our NEWS page for more information.

Pricing Options:

Drop-in Rate $15
6 Classes $75 (expires 90 days from purchase date)
Unlimited Classes $115 (expires 30 days from purchase date)

Yoga Teacher, Military, and College Student Discount:
Drop-in Rate $10
6 classes $50

*Please note that these prices will increase in January of 2018.

Private Yoga Therapy Session with Tammy which includes a home practice assigned by email:  $100
3 sessions $285

Private Yoga Sessions with Staff Yoga Teachers:

1 person $40

2 people $50

3 people $60

4 people $75

Beginner Yoga and any other Special 4 Week Courses  $50 (no refunds or credits)

Tai Chi Easy 5 Week Session $45 (pay the teacher)

Aikido (contact the teacher)

Sound & Silence is a free class.

Zazen is for Donation Only.