The Yoga Room is a beautiful sanctuary tucked away in mid-city Hattiesburg, MS on Oak Grove Road. Hattiesburg’s first yoga studio was founded in this peaceful space in 2002. Since that time, Tammy and her teachers have committed their efforts to create an environment that is safe, welcoming, accepting and all-inclusive. We are delighted to offer a variety of health and wellness practices for our community here in the Deep South. In addition to our studio, we offer Corporate Yoga Programs, Behavioral Health Yoga Therapy Programs, Yoga for Athletes, yoga for special populations and other outreach services. Contact us today for more information on how we can serve you.



One aspect of our yoga practice is about developing certain qualities within our character that support our personal growth and development. We set intentions before every class that remind us of what is important. Together as a community, we study the ancient philosophy of yoga and incorporate it into our everyday lives. A common theme in many of our classes is to create a balance of strength and grace. We infuse our postures with this intent and embody effort and ease on the mat. We carry these intentions off the mat…into our daily lives, into our relationships, our work and our play.


The breath is the common thread, a common denominator. The breath is the foundation of every practice; it is the way in which we connect to the source of life itself. Deep breathing facilitates the evolution of a strong healthy body, mind, and spirit.


Let go of any ideas of perfection. Let go of any pre-conceived ideas of what yoga is or is not. Wipe the slate clean. Start fresh and new. Begin again. We believe that yoga is a practice. Every time we come to the mat, it is an opportunity to meet the present moment, to face our fears, to hope and dream, to let go, to heal, and to transform our lives. The prize is in the process. Enjoy the journey!


The Yoga Room and its diverse group of certified teachers provide a variety of health and wellness practices for you to choose from. Each teacher is passionate about his or her work and is committed to high standards of continuing education and to living a healthy and balanced lifestyle on and off the mat. As a community of teachers, we are here to support your journey of self-exploration, positive change and personal growth.