Yoga Practice for Mind and Body…to heal the Soul

As I listen to friends, family, my students and patients, and even social media, many of us, it seems, are feeling fragmented and strangely uprooted…even though we still reside in the same location. How does this happen? What is this teaching us?

I believe that these times are offering a tremendous opportunity to pause, to reevaluate , to prioritize what’s most important, and to gently carve out a new path. Perhaps, the new path is one that is less rigid, less defined, and certainly uncertain. How do we navigate what seems to be a slippery slope? How can we live in the flow of uncertainty, and yet, still feel a sense of stability and balance in our day to day lives?

A consistent yoga practice, from my experience over the last 20 years, provides an anchor to my soul’s wisdom. Through quiet time on my mat, my sacred space, I am able to be more mindful of my thoughts and how they create my reality. It helps me to see more clearly that which is true and that which I often make up. This made-up reality can create sadness, anxiety and fear. My yoga practice also provides much needed skillful movement, full deep mindful breathing, medicine to every system of my body…which keeps me healthy, resilient and whole.

The Yoga Room reopens, after the holidays, on Monday January 3rd. We practice social distancing and will continue to offer Zoom to those of you who are more comfortable staying at home. My teachers and I pledge to continue to offer our very best, with the highest continuing educational standards, kindness, and open hearts. Allow us to teach you, in these modern times, how to strengthen your body and mind, while healing your soul, through the ancient practice of yoga.

I wish you peace and bright blessings in the coming year.