Yoga for the Older Adult: A Return to Movement and Breath begins Tuesday Jan. 12th at 1:45 PM

This 6 Week Course is a Chair Yoga Class designed for older adults who desire to establish mindful and intentional movement into their day to day lives. Chair yoga will teach you how to use a chair to enhance movement in shoulders and hips while allowing you the support and stability needed to focus on regaining or maintaining strength in the arms, legs and core. A variety of breathing techniques will be taught to encourage slower, deeper breaths in order to bring more oxygen to the brain and other tissues throughout the body.

Join Michele for a one hour class in studio or on Zoom every Tuesday from January 12th – February 15th at 1:45pm. In studio participants are limited to 5 and zoom participants are limited to 8. The investment for this 6 week course is $80. Each student will need a stable chair without arms (studio has chairs) a strap or belt and a yoga block or large book.

Preregistration is required. In studio class… sign up HERE!

Zoom option… sign up HERE!