The Spirit of Winter: A Yin Yoga Workshop Sunday Jan. 16, 2022 5:00 PM

Our ancestors lived in accordance with the seasons of nature and acknowledged the interconnectedness of all beings and cycles of life. Over this New Year, 2022, Tammy will provide a series of Seasonal Workshops for you to indulge in on selected weekends.

The first workshop, in the season of winter, will encourage students to embrace the season of winter and to cultivate a sense of rest and renewal through the gentle practice of Yin Yoga. The stillness of Yin Yoga on the mat provides the opportunity to sense and feel, watch and learn, and to listen and wait. These are valuable lessons that go beyond the mat and into our personal lives.

Yin Yoga is a slow-paced, more meditative approach to postures that can be adapted to absolute beginners and experienced students alike. With 5 or more minute holds, the practice targets the deep connective tissues between muscles and fascia throughout the whole body allowing for a sense of release and deep relaxation.

Please have your own props to use for this practice: A yoga mat, a yoga bolster or very firm pillow, 2 blocks, and a blanket.

This workshop will be offered at the studio or on Zoom. Please select the option of your choice. Sign up HERE!