The Roll Model Method: Myofascial Self-Care for Every Body Saturday July 30th 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

If you’re interested in learning a logical approach to erasing muscular tension, and living better in your body, this workshop is for you. The Roll Model Method is a simple self-treatment method that teaches you to use a variety of grippy, pliable rubber balls to abolish your aches and pains and change your body from the inside out.

This workshop is for teachers, athletes, office workers, teens or adults….basically, anyone who wants to feel better in their body.

The Roll Model Method can:
—Decrease or eliminate pain
—Improve range of motion
—Increase proprioception
—Uncover movement “blind spots”
—Prepare the body of better performance
—Relax the nervous system

Instructor: Monica Wood

Monica has been a Roll Model Method Practitioner, an ELDOA Trainer, an RYT-200, and a Personal Trainer.

Saturday July 30th 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Things to bring with you: water, a yoga mat and clothing that allows your skin to have contact with the therapy ball. Tank tops and shorts allow for the best results.

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