Opening to Your Inner World: A Workshop of Kundalini Yoga and Mindful Sound…led by William Savage & Igor Iwanek… September 22nd

10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (with a 2 Hour Lunch Break) Investment: $60  Early Bird Rate before September 15th: $50

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a yoga of awareness and energy. A Kundalini Yoga session comprises mantra (chanting and music), pranayama (breathing), mudra (hand gestures), bandha (body locks), asana (body postures), savasana (relaxation) and dhyana (meditation). Mindful sound is a rare opportunity to delve deeply into ancient transformation practices. Experience the far-reaching power of sound and its profoundly calming effect on your body and psyche. Tap into the healing power of ancient mantras (root syllables) and learn to apply their power in daily life. Explore the soothing effects of sound meditation. Quiet the mind and relax the body by opening up to sound-enhanced breath work.

During this one-day workshop, you will explore how you can use breathing, movement, sound and music as a gateway to your contemplative self. You will learn how to re-center the restless “monkey mind”, develop a deeper relationship with life energy, ease the senses’ reactions to external stimuli, sharpen one-pointed focus, and energize the body. As sages have taught, sound coming into our ears is the most natural gateway to inner transformation processes. Our practices of the yogas of movement and sound will be inspired by Igor’s music and William’s gong playing.

Born in Monroe, Louisiana, in 1960, William was raised mostly in the Marshall Islands in the Central Pacific Ocean, with time also spent in Louisiana, Hawai’i and Saudi Arabia. After living in Thailand for 18 years and Cambodia for one, in 2008 William moved home to Louisiana, living for two years in New Orleans before settling down among his extended family in rural Morehouse Parish. Having practiced Hatha Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation for many years, when William came to Kundalini Yoga, he sensed that it enabled all of his spiritual practices to interweave and become more whole. William also works as an organizational and community development facilitator with humanitarian organizations, particularly in the areas of climate change, HIV and AIDS, and human rights.

Dr Igor Iwanek is a composer, versatile performer and social innovator as well as a certified Yoga of Sound instructor. He spends a lot of his time teaching the community about the importance of sound and vibration for human well-being. He believes that music helps people transform their inner world and effect change. Dr Igor is a former affiliated artist at MIT and has appeared live on NPR, Phil Goldberg’s SpiritMatters podcast and TV and is the founder of a charitable and educational initiative called Music and Mysticism (

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